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Neurology Treatment

At Jaipur Neuro, you get a wide range of treatments with advanced services under the best neurologist in Jaipur, Dr. Vikram Bohra(Best Neurologist in Jaipur), Neurologist & Interventional Neurologist in Jaipur.


Interrupted blood supply to the brain, causes brain cell to die and damages brain.


Headache is the pain in head causes discomfort beneath the forehead, behind the eyes or at upper neck.


Recurring frequent headaches, affects one side of head & often cause nausea and disturbed vision.

Parkinson’s Disease

Neurodegenerative Disorder in Central Nervous System, affects movement, loss of balance.

Multiple Sclerosis

In MS, Nerve damages disrupts brain & body communication, resulting in loss of vision, fatigue, pain and impaired coordination.

Alzheimer's Disease

Disease that destroys memory, mental functions. Memory loss and confusion are main symptoms.

Passion, Professional, Qualified

Dr. Vikram Bohra, Best Neurologist in Jaipur
DM (Neurology), FINS, MD

Sr. Consultant Neurology and Chief Interventional Neurologist

Acute Stroke Management



Movement Disorder

Neck Pain, Low Back Pain

Dr. Vikram Bohra, is a very experienced & Best Neurologist in Jaipur who has done more than 3000 neuro cases with successful results.

Migraine : Life Ahead by
Dr Vikram Bohra (Best Neurologist in Jaipur)

Interventional Neurology Treatment and Services:

At Jaipur Neuro, you will get best Neuro treatment for all Neuro diseases, brain stroke & hemorrhage at an affordable cost from Best Neurologist in Jaipur Dr. Vikram Bohra

Dr Vikram Bohra Best Neurologist doctor in Jaipur | Stroke | Headache | Parkinson | Epilepsy

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